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Stimulus Bill Funding

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will send almost $1Trillion dollars to state and local governments in the very near future.  This will result in thousands of lucrative contracting opportunities throughout the nation. However, the funding is difficult to follow and the rules and procedures are complicated. As a result, Strategic Partnerships, (SPI) is offering customized and ongoing research to firms interested in identifying and capturing upcoming opportunities.

Strategic Partnerships, the nation’s premier state and local government research firm, has teamed with MultiState Associates to offer opportunity identification, strategy and advocacy services related to the stimulus funding opportunities throughout the country.

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State Fiscal Stabilization Fund
The ARRA allocates approximately $53.6 billion to four different grant programs through the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund. These funds may go toward stabilizing education and government budgets, public safety services and the modernization, repair, and renovation of technology and infrastructure related to education.

The ARRA distributes approximately $35.3 billion in funding for supplementary educational and related services, school improvements, acquisition of education technology, student aid programs, IT modernization and student retention/performance enhancing programs.

Emergency Management
The ARRA provides approximately $860 million for public transportation/railroad security assistance, port security grants, construction and modification of state and local emergency management authorities and assistance grants through FEMA for various disaster relief measures and programs.

The ARRA allocates approximately $19.6 billion toward the modernization of employment compensation systems, workforce investment programs, community service programs and unemployment insurance and employment services.

Family Services
The ARRA distributes approximately $11 billion in funding for child and family service programs, child-care and development assistance, rehabilitation services, child support enforcement programs and emergency funds programs.

The ARRA provides approximately $12.4 billion for a weatherization assistance program, energy efficiency and conservation block grants, state energy programs, an alternative fuel program, wildland management grants and workforce investment programs related to energy efficiency and conservation.

Environment and Natural Resources
The ARRA allocates approximately $13.4 billion toward water quality protection and infrastructure improvements, reclamation projects, construction projects related to energy or water development, operation and maintenance projects, revitalization projects, emissions reduction programs and watershed and flood prevention programs.

The ARRA distributes approximately $91.3 billion in funding for Medicaid provisions, the modernization and provision of Electronic Health Record technology and support for health information technology, services and infrastructure.

The ARRA provides approximately $13.6 billion going toward capital and management activities for public housing, gap financing grants, project-based rental assistance, neighborhood stabilization projects, community development programs and a homelessness prevention fund.

Law Enforcement and Community Services
The ARRA allocates approximately $13.44 billion for the acquisition or improvement of technology, facilities, personnel, training and administrative services for law enforcement purposes. Funding may also be used for victim’s compensation, community programs and historic preservation.

The ARRA distributes approximately $393 million in funding to the Coast Guard and National Guard for military construction, reconstruction and demolition projects, as well as the construction and renovation of extended care facilities for veterans.

The ARRA provides approximately $21 billion in benefits and food commodities through nutrition assistance programs and emergency food assistance programs, including funding for administrative expenses.

Technology and Science
The ARRA allocates approximately $11.1 billion to broadband technology programs, research programs and health information technology programs for the acquisition of equipment, infrastructure, training, technology and services, as well as construction, renovation and repair of research facilities.

The ARRA distributes approximately $47.2 billion going toward highway infrastructure investments, high-speed rail programs, transit capital assistance programs, national surface transportation investments, airport infrastructure improvements and facilities and equipment for federal aviation infrastructure.

Tribal Governments
The ARRA provides approximately $1.5 billion in funding to Native American housing authorities, construction projects, health facilities, health services and workforce training programs.


SPI and MultiState Associates have teamed to provide opportunity identification, capture strategy and advocacy in all 50 states. Call to schedule a phone conference for complete details.

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